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Third Graders learned about the “Twelve Symbols” used on the emperor’s robes, which were present every imperial dynasty from the Han (206 BC-AD 220) to the Ming (AD 1368-1644). The Ch’ing or Qing Dynasty(AD1644-1911), also known as the “Dragon Throne”, elevated the symbol of a dragon, which was part of the “Twelve Symbols” as the main symbol used on imperial robes. Symbols were copied from lesson plans found at http://mrkellysclass.net/asian_studies_6th_grade%20folder/ancient_chinese_symbolism.htm The students’ favorite symbols to feature on their robes were the axe, the dragon, the pheasant, the fu, and the geometric and water themed designs on the borders.  To see these robes and more student work, visit our Flickr Sets at http://www.flickr.com/photos/miss_pickens/sets/

Source: http://www.edypickenslevin.com/teachingpor...

Fifth Grade Tree Silhouettes

Fifth Graders learned about negative space and how to draw trees by observing the shapes between branches and leaves rather than drawing the tree itself.  By arranging the negative spaces appropriately, students created tree silhouettes on their papers.  Each student filled in their negative spaces with opaque oil pastels, making sure to create smooth fades from one color to the next.  When their oil pastel spaces were filled in, they painted the tree silhouettes with black paint.  To see more of these beautiful Tree Silhouettes and other art projects, visit the Levin+Shapiro Flickr sets.

Educational Resources

The most important action you can take is to reduce your own carbon footprint, then teach others how to take that same action. The Alliance for Climate Education has a website that is a great resource. We can prove to our children that they matter to us.  Here are some blogs and websites that will help educate ourselves and our children about climate change and solutions.