Government Trying to Suppress Dolphin Death Information?

I don’t understand why the gov’ment thinks we are so stupid that we believe them when they say the oil just disappeared…Four Humours

I’m thinking about this horse painting even though the article I link to is about dolphins.  Here’s why:  Four Humours is a 60” x 72” oil on canvas painting. The protagonist is a magical blue horse poised to leap out of an oil field. When I painted it, I was thinking about America’s dependence on oil and the challenges we face to be better leaders in the world. The horse is a symbol of hope and strength. The title, Four Humours, is a reflection on a medieval theory which states that optimum health depends on a balance of four elemental fluids: blood, yellow bile, phlegm, and black bile.

I am very disappointed in our country’s response to the BP oil spill.  At the school where I teach, we are always preaching core values to students.  Those values are Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Community, and Caring.  If the US government went to my school, they would be in violation of all the core values.  We try to find role models for the kids and you’d think the US Government could be counted on to be that role model.  I guess I can have hope and keep painting my own reality.  The majestic blue horse will have to save us!