Muladhara Lotus

Root Chakra



In her Muladhara Video, Edy provides step-by-step instruction on how to paint a glowing lotus that represents the root chakra. This short format video shows an overview of a process that takes about an hour or two when she facilitates the workshop live. To make a Muladhara lotus, you can be guided by the video and also rely on your own intuition and creativity. For those who want more support, Edy provides longer format videos on her YouTube channel which show each step (1-6) on it’s own in real time.

Link for Short YouTube Video of Practice

Click Here for PDF's

Link for Long YouTube Videos


Svadhisthana Lotus 

Sacral Chakra


This is a 20 second preview of the Svadhisthana Lotus process.

Edy Pickens Levin continues her lotus painting representing Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra.  By visualizing chakras and focusing on self-acceptance, we can heal ourselves, heal each other, and heal the world. These paintings are part of a sacred journey for Levin and the people who paint with her.  The painting process allows her to share important affirmations, reflections, and milestones as she evolves.   Each of the 6 steps of the Svadhisthana Lotus is represented on her YouTube channel.  See the links below for more support.

Click Here for PDF's

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