Fifth Grade Miniature Bakery

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Fifth Grade Miniature Bakery, a set on Flickr.
Fifth Grade started the year learning how to sculpt with polymer clay. Using Sculpey, a brand of polymer clay, students made miniature baked goods such as cupcakes, jelly rolls, cakes, pies, and croissants. We spent many weeks learning how to manipulate Sculpey to make the swirls in jelly rolls, miniature lemons, and other techniques to make the bakery items look realistic. We even learned how to combine the clay with liquid Sculpey to make realistic frosting. Throughout our study of polymer clay, we used many YouTube videos, such as the two I will embed in this blogpost below.

After each student made countless baked items, they combined their sculptures into a display case made from foam core and acetate. Some of the miniature bakeries can be seen on our Flickr page at