Fifth Grade Animal Drawings and Prints 2014

Jake STeddy BTeddy B drawingTeddy B printTeddy B foamJake S drawing
Jake SJake S foamMichelle SMichelle S drawingMichelle S printMichelle S foam
Simone SSimone S drawingSimone S printSimone S foamJoey KJoey K drawing
Joey K printJoey K foamJack YJack Y drawingJack Y printJack Y foam
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Fifth Graders used iPads as viewfinders to compose their initial drawings for these printmaking projects. After setting up a still-life with plastic model animals, they photographed their subjects on iPads. Then, they made a drawing from the iPad screen. Next, they transferred the drawings to a piece of printing foam. After printing the image, they washed and dried the foam. Finally, they colored the foam with oil pastel and mounted all three components on a construction paper color of their choice. I am so proud of the way these students embraced abstraction and began to recognize the importance of negative shapes, line, color, and composition.